Community Building Program

Empowering Residents to Build Stronger Communities

Our Community Building Program works to increase the quality of life of Orange County’s residents by empowering them to become resident leaders who are an integral part in creating stronger communities.

Resident Leaders:
Develop the leadership skills necessary to work collectively for stronger communities.
Understand home as their community, developing locally-driven solutions and policy making.
Are proactive in decision-making processes with different community stakeholders.
Inspire others to envision a stronger community and enact change utilizing civic engagement opportunities.

Our Community Building Program serves two different types of community groups:

Neighborhood-Based Community Groups

We determine these groups by identifying specific geographic areas that already have partners invested in the community. By working with the established organizations, we can increase our reach to provide leadership development and capacity building while increasing resident leaders' ability to fundraise and build relationships with policy-makers, businesses, and other local organizations.

Current neighborhood-based community groups include:

The Villas Neighborhood

San Juan Capistrano

Strategy-Based Community Groups

Strategy-based groups focus on a specific community building aspect. These groups focus their attention in addressing system issues.  Strategies aim at making a positive change in broad areas such as education, health, economic development, government transparency, civic engagement, and more.

NeighborWorks Orange County focuses on helping groups build sustainable and impactful strategies to reach their goals. Through technical assistance, we help the develoment of the gruop's leadership, relationship buildng, branding, marketing, administrative infrastructure, etc.  

Our current interest-based community groups include:


Santa Ana

About Our Community Building Program

 Our program is built off the Asset Based Community-Driven Development model, a bottom-up approach to working with communities that identify and utilize the communities' strengths, capacities, and assets.

 We partner with like-minded organizations already serving resident groups to increase their capacity for community change and implement leadership development. Through these grassroots partnerships, we leverage our combined efforts to generate sustainable change in a community.

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