In 2008, NeighborWorks Orange County, the City of Santa Ana, and OC Human Relations collaborated to create a six month leadership training program made up of Santa Ana residents representing various neighborhood associations. It was here that Connect-to-Council was formed by a committee of community leaders who determined the need for residents to have greater access to their city council.

Connect-to-Council was designed to increase neighborhood participation in civic affairs and empower residents to positively and constructively communicate with their elected officials, with the intent of obtaining a better understanding of our city structure, leadership strategies, and community problem solving techniques.

Connect-to-Council improves the lines of communication between Santa Ana residents and city government by hosting informative resource events in each city of Santa Ana neighborhood ward, as well as mayoral and council candidate debates. Issues covered include economic development, housing affordability, foreclosures, redevelopment, gangs, safety concerns, and violence.

Special Projects

Summer 2010 - Organized the Santa Ana Urban Leadership Forum

Fall 2010 - Hosted their first Neighborhood Resource Events

Fall 2012 - Hosted Santa Ana council candidates debates

Fall 2014 - Hosted Santa Ana mayoral and city council candidates debates

Winter 2015 - Hosted 1st District OC Supervisor Candidate Forum

Resident Spotlight

Coming Soon!

For more information on Connect-to-Council, visit their website or Facebook.