Foreclosure Prevention

Facing a foreclosure or inability to pay your mortgage is a scary time. Don’t face it alone!

When you are facing mortgage problems, our Friendly Experts are here to help!  With your best interests at heart, we will work with you to identify the best plan of action for your personal situation, focusing on homeownership preservation.

We have established relationships with many lenders and direct access to many escalation departments and can help you work out solutions designed for you.

We can also help identify if you may qualify for one of these programs:

Foreclosure Intervention and Counseling  

Meet with our experienced counselors one-on-one to find the best solutions to your current situation. Our program promotes foreclosure prevention through educational workshops, face-to-face counseling, and community outreach. After assessing the homeowner’s financial situation, our counselors will help you develop an action plan and budget. These individualized plans can include refinancing, loss mitigation, or loan workouts, such as repayment and forbearance plans.

Our housing counselors provide hands-on assistance in these key areas:

  • Attempting to contact the loan servicer or lender.
  • Negotiating a repayment and forbearance plan on behalf of the borrower.
  • Engaging in budget verification, during which the housing counselor reviews written material provided by the client to establish true debt obligations.
  • Draft and submit to the servicer a hardship letter that describes the situation of the borrowers and their reason for delinquency.
  • Complete and submit forms required by the servicer to move forward with a workout plan, loan modification, or other available programs.
  • Provide the borrower with information on refinancing options through partner banks.
  • Refer borrower to a network of real estate agents to facilitate a short-sale if all other options have been exhausted.
  • Refer legal aid if necessary.