How Purchasing Your Home Gives Back to the Community


Purchasing a home marks a huge step in your life. It’s exciting and slightly terrifying, all wrapped into a roller coaster of a journey leading to a brand new set of keys in your hand.

What if this milestone could not only mark a pivotal moment in your life, but also give back to your community?

It’s a radical thought.

It’s even more drastic given the rocky road that the housing market has traveled the last decade. Individuals approach home buying in fear of being taken advantage of by a structure gamed against them. At every corner, they are heavily marketed to. The main advisors have a financial stake in the advice they give, sometimes trying to corner buyers into loans, terms, or houses that don’t serve their best interests. This structure built the foundation for our collapse in 2008, leaving countless families reveling in the aftermath.


We want to challenge this model. It’s time to not only empower families purchasing a house, but to also rebuild the communities they call home. 


At NeighborWorks Orange Country, we adamantly believe that the idea behind “home” extends far beyond the welcome pack, spreading to neighbors, local business, and ultimately forming this idea of community.

That is why we have launched out social enterprise real estate model. 

The trifecta of positive impact in the real estate world, this new approach empowers communities at every turn: 

1-    Giving consumers a socially responsible marketplace;

2-    Empowering all buyers through homeownership coaching and counseling;

3-    Reinvesting profits to help low to moderate-income families on their journey toward sustainable homeownership.


How it Works

Homebuyers or sellers partner with our realtors. Since our realtors earn a base salary, the commissions from the sale bolsters our community programs, including our homebuyer coaching and counseling efforts run by our nonprofit arm. Families that go through our coaching programs typically return later to work with our realtors, thus perpetuating a cycle of change.

We also offer specialized home loans through the same social enterprise model. All commissions earned on writing loans go back into supporting our nonprofit programs. 


Education Empowers  

Homeowner education changes the tide of power back in favor of families and individuals looking to purchase a house. Too long has the market been dominated by disingenuous lending practices, inflated costs, and poor policies.

We are empowering families through education. 

Our coaching programs expose the pitfalls in an overly complicated process. When you understand all the elements to your loan, how much home you can afford, the associated costs of homeownership, and the other key aspects of this process, your home purchase enhances your life.

That is sustainable homeownership. 

Coaching benefits families of all income ranges or education levels. This is the information you should have learned in school but didn’t have the chance to. More importantly, our coaching is 100% free, regardless of income level.

In fact, this tactic is so essential that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently highlighted homebuyer counseling as a necessary platform for sustainable homeownership.

We take counseling one step further by reinvesting into the community. As you can see, this model empowers, educates, reinvests into community programs, focuses on sustainable homeownership, seeks to rebuild the idea of community, and creates a cycle of positive change.

Trifecta doesn’t fully cover the scope of the social impact, but you get the picture. This social enterprise model does a lot of good.


Superior Service and Competitive Rates

The success of any social enterprise hinges on providing superior service. Businesses failing to provide a good service will never succeed no matter how valiant their mission, 

Bottom line: our model wouldn’t work if we didn’t offer incredible service combined with competitive rates.

Rather than accepting a lesser service in exchange for a social impact, we believe that you receive a better service while supporting community initiatives. You partner with seasoned experts at every step of the way.

Our realtors are specially trained to walk with buyers in a manner that positions them for long-term homeownership success. It goes far beyond asking how much you are pre-qualified to borrow. Many of our team members receive far more certifications and pursue more continuing education than traditional realtors.

By opting to go through our free coaching, you’ll better position yourself for thriving in homeownership. Qualified buyers will be connected to various assistance programs. If you select one of our mortgage options, you’ll enjoy a competitive rate.

There’s no other option offering services so focused on your best interests. 

If you’re in the market for more than just a home, also seeking to make a lasting impact in your community, it’s time to check out how to partner with our social enterprise. We invite buyers and sellers alike to leverage the sale of their home to work towards a bigger mission.


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