Success Story: A Home for a Family Who Gives Back

A Home for a Family Who Gives Back to the Community


Gabriel and Mayra Reyes, parents to two young daughters and a teenage foster child, were living in a three-bedroom apartment in Stanton. They quickly found that they needed more room for their growing family and longed to give their children the stability neither of them had experienced while growing up in apartment buildings.


But their dream of one day owning a home seemed impossible as the couple encountered unexpected obstacles on their path to homeownership. Many lenders would not consider their non-taxable income as foster parents. They were told by several Realtors to look elsewhere in Riverside or San Bernardino because Orange County’s home prices would be out of their reach. Doing so, however, would mean Mayra and Gabriel, foster parents for over five years in a special program for children with behavioral issues, could no longer continue to serve as a stepping stone for these children as the program requires them to live in Orange County.